Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fun Day of Filming

Last week we had a fun opportunity to participate in a homeschool documentary.  Carly did some transcribing for this film last summer and some new homeschooling friends of ours have a big part in the movie.  The director asked us if we'd like to be part of the movie and we all said, "Yes!"

So our friends came over and they filmed us making our annual "Not Back to School" cake (which was quite delicious).  Carly did a mini lesson on the art of henna.  Nate and Allie shared some of their origami expertise.  We had fun bouncing on the trampoline and before everyone left we had an impromptu music concert.  It was a fun afternoon and we can't wait to see the movie when it comes out!  (Thanks to Jeremy Stuart for including us in the film:)!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Origami Masters

My friend and I are Origami Masters.  We went to a cool exhibit at the Japanese American Museum.  My favorite thing was the miniature crane that Sadako made.  My favorites things that I like to make are Transforming Ninja Stars and Flapping Winged Cranes.  Here are some photos of our adventure in LA and some of my masterpieces...

This awesome exhibit has closed in LA but you can find it in New Hampshire this fall and winter, in Sacramento next summer and in Portland next fall and winter.

My favorite origami websites:

I enjoyed watching this documentary too!

*by Nate*

Update (9-29-12) Micayla helped me create this origami blog.  Check it out here: