Monday, May 13, 2013

Guess Where We Went........?

Guess where we went?

Last week we had the most amazing experience.... We got to go to the set of Good Luck Charlie in L.A.!!!
Our friends Charli, Malerie, Madison and Makenzie came too!
We were technically the laughter in the background... or the real live canned laughter, whatever you call it.
  It was so much fun!
Before the taping started, we got a tour of the studio and they told us about how everything works behind the scenes!
Here are some fun facts:
• Did you know that Sitcom = Situation Comedy?
• An episode of Good Luck Charlie costs $200 a minute to film!
• Leading up to the taping of an episode - Monday-Wednesday the actors rehearse, then Thursday they do half of the taping and Friday they come in and tape what they didn't do on Thursday (most of the time it is out of order).
In the time on Friday, for people like us who came and did the laughing part of it, they will replay the scene that they taped the other day so that they can record our laughter for that section because Friday is the only day that they have a live audience when they do.
• On the set of Good Luck Charlie they have the main rooms like the kitchen, living room, basement and Teddy's room that are always there.  But, for rooms like the garage, PJ and Gabe's room, Charlie's room and any other room in the house or taking place in a different location in the episode; they are called "swing sets" and literally can swing in and out of place when needed!

I could talk about it forever, but because I totally would I am just going to post some photos now:

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May 2013

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Leotard Sewing!

Here are some recent photos of me dancing in a leotard that I made! -photo creds to my sister Carly.

If anyone is interested in possibly purchasing a leotard from me please comment in the box at the bottom of the post or email me at
And please follow me on Instagram - my user is @mugzoodle !!! Thanks:)
I post lots of pictures of my photography, dancing, and sewing!

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~May 2013~