Monday, October 21, 2013

My School Experiment

By   *Allie

    At the starting of the school year I actually tried out SCHOOL!   It was really fun!  I did it for about a month and after that month well, now I am a homeschooler again!  I made a list of my pros and cons of the school.   The cons won.  Oh, and the school is called IVA -  Intellectual Virtues Academy.  It is a middle school that just opened up this year with only 58 students.   I didn't have to run back and forth through halls to get to my classrooms because I only had two classrooms.  There are 4 teachers and one awesome principal!  The main reason I wanted to try school was because I was really interested in what school was like (although the school I tried was like no other).   I actually enjoyed a lot of the school but there were some big and small reasons I really did not enjoy it.  I didn't enjoy the PE teacher (egh blah eeek).  Nobody likes him.  He favored this one boy and blew his whistle so super loud that my ears hurt.  Also he shamed us.  He was not the PE teacher anyone would want.   The Math teacher made a kid go stand in the hall and she gave us many tests and quizzes in one month.  The music teacher made us switch seats about 7 times in one month.  She could not decide which seats worked best.  But most every time she switched seating I was put at a good table.  I did tell her now and then "My table is very respectful and I like where I am sitting".  She did not listen to the students.  I also thought that it was annoying that they gave so much homework on the very first day.   I really liked the English and History teacher (same person).  He was really nice.  We listened to The Hobbit (on audio) and he showed us documentaries which I enjoyed!  I also really liked the principal!  Well anyway... I was really missing the things I did last year as a homeschooler (Sewing lessons, Art lessons, and most of all my babysitting business called "Mama's Helper").  I go to houses with kids/babies and watch/play with them while the parent who stays home is doing chores or is taking a shower etc.  So now I am doing that again!  Yay :)   So yep that is "My School Experiment".  It was fun but I'm happy to be back home!  (I did make tons of new friends too!)  :)

First day of school - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Back at home celebrating being a homeschooler again with a good friend
 and a homemade batch of cookies that we made.