Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's A Wrap!

By Allie*

So a couple weeks ago one Monday morning we were going over the calendar and my mom said that Thursday was a free day to do what we want and so I said "How about we go to It's A Wrap!"  So that is what we did and that is what I will write about :)
It's a wrap is a thrift shop and it has clothes from t.v. that goes there when the episodes or movie is over!  It was really fun going through the store because I would point out things that I have seen on t.v. I bought 4 things!  Three from a t.v. show called Good Luck Charlie and 1 from a t.v. show called Crash And Bernstein.  On the tags in the  shop it says things like GLC that stands for Good Luck Charlie.  There is a list that says all the names of movies and shows that the clothes/accessories  are in and it was fun looking at what it was from!  My friend who went with us now has a full outfit from the show A.N.T Farm.  Boots, Skirt, and T. Shirt!   After we went there we went to a really good place to eat!  Called The Empanada Factory.  I got 2 empanadas, one spicy mushroom and spinach  and one tomato basil cheese!  They are so yummy!  It is a tiny little hole in the wall place :)  It is really good!  Here are some pics of my field trip to It's A Wrap!

Nate picked out this stylish blazer.

This outfit was worn by Chalie on Good Luck Charlie!

Carly is super stoked!  She bought 3 items for under $20!