Monday, June 30, 2014

Jump for Joy (or June:)

Going to the gym!
Chef Nate's Banana Chocolate Swirl Cookies

Science class in Dana Point

Homeschool Hike with Joel with "Naturalist For You"

Science at the ENC


On our way to the conference where Carly was playing her piece "The Journey"

The Journey

Earlier this year I composed a new composition on piano called "The Journey".  I entered it into the Composers Today program through the Music Teachers Association of California and I received outstanding scores and feedback from the evaluators.  It was a great opportunity for me to get constructive criticism and hear what real composers thought of my piece.  Since my composition got some of the highest scores in the Composers Today program, I was invited to play at the MTAC convention in June.  It was amazing!  Here are some pictures and the link to hear my piece.  Enjoy!


Post-performance :)

With my Aunt Jamie and Mom!

With my piano teacher Ms. Marla at the Spring recital

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Frenchies 2014

I had the pleasure of filming our talented French soccer friends in May.  Here is a video I made of their time here!

Team LA 2014 from Carly Stone on Vimeo.