Thursday, May 31, 2012

One World One Ocean Video Contest

My psa The Way of Water placed in the top 8 for the One World One Ocean video contest! :)  So stoked!  Now the video with the most votes wins (I wish they'd just pick one winner instead of having it be a popularity contest but it is what it is)...I need your help!  Please vote for video by clicking the link below!  I'd really appreciate it! :)

The amazing music in my film is Blue Rondo A La Turk played by Project Trio.  They are an incredible group of musicians; flute, cello and bass.  I had the pleasure of taking a master class with them this Spring.  I'm so lucky to have been able to use the piece.  Thank you Project Trio!!

Direct YouTube link:

~Post by Carly

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DoodleHeads Website!

Hi everybody!  I have finally made a website for my © DoodleHead Greeting Cards.  I built the site on weebly with much help from my sister Micayla.  Check out my site for info about DoodleHeads and if any of you are interested in ordering some DoodleHead cards, please contact me through the inquiry form on the site!  Thanks! :)


Monday, May 21, 2012

Water Ecology

Last week we had another amazing adventure at Starr Ranch with our friend Anabelle and some other homeschooling friends! Our great environmental educators, Scott and Jen, led us to a stream where we learned about aquatic invertebrate, such as dobsonflies, toe-biters, may-flies, and water-striders. We looked for the difference in the amount of insects and the types of insects found in riffles and pools, then we collected them in buckets and sorted them. We found out that there are many more aquatic invertebrate in riffles than in pools! Here are some of the pictures that we took while we were there:


this is a larva of something....?

buckets of bugs!

here am I... reading when I wasn't taking pictures!

nate fishing in the riffles

we were all given trays to put our catch in so it would be easier to sort

and.... here are the end results!

~posted by Micayla~
pictures by Micayla and Kari