Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Antics

Micayla soaking up some vitamin D while on break from boarding school in London.

Spring Soccer

Crashing the local high school.  Caught red handed...

Master Class in SLO with San Francisco teacher Zory

Hosteling it in San Luis Obispo 

Mrs. Frassett art classes in Huntington Beach

Fostering puppies again

Nate's eye injury (he ran into the side of the bathtub)

Sunset Beach

Homeschool archery class

Allie sewed this bathing suit with instruction from Ms. Hilde 

Owl pellet dissection 

El Dorado Nature Center

Louie and Ellie 

Nate's new 70's do for a TV show he was in 

Allie's nail art

Kern River

Dropping in again on Earthroots

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Zen Magnets Video Contest!

Nate and I made this zen magnets video for the zen magnets contest!  My brother has spent hours upon hours in the past several months creating things with these amazing magnets.  As long as you don't stick them in your nose, ears or mouth, then you might want to consider getting some!

Here it is!  Enjoy!