Monday, November 10, 2008

From: The Pumpkin Fairy

So for Halloween, we always save only 10 pieces of the candy that we've collected, and then give the rest to the pumpkin fairy. A fairy that magically takes our candy away, and leaves gifts for us. Last year we got gift certificates to Once Upon A Story, now this year we were given beautiful water bottles and all-natural cookies. The water bottles are tin, and have a top that twists for you to drink the water. We each got one. Nate got a mini yellow bottle, with animals on it, and numbers. I got one with butterflies and plants on it, and Micayla got one with a ying/yang sign on it, that's blue and has pictures in the sign. Allie got a butterfly one, similar to Micayla's but has a butterfly on it, and is purple. We love our water bottles, and will take them whenever we go someplace! Check out if you want to see more of these cool water bottles.

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The Zandi Zoo said...

What a neat tradition. Oh, and Sigg bottles are great! What a wonderful gift.