Sunday, February 1, 2009

You Have to Read This Book!

Post written by Carly

I am an official book reviewer for Stone Soup magazine, here is a book review that I wrote for this excellent book Savvy by Ingrid Law.

Savvy takes the reader on a mesmerizing, magical tale, told in Mississippi Beaumont’s (but everyone calls her “Mibs” for short) perspective. In this story, Mibs impatiently awaits her 13th birthday, when she will receive her “savvy”. A savvy is a gift; her older brothers have savvies such as creating electricity, and causing hurricanes whenever his anger gets the better of him. Mrs. Beaumont has a savvy for making everything perfect, and Mr. Beaumont, well, he married into the family with no savvy. Mississppi’s Grandpa has the power to move mountains, whereas Grandma collects radio waves in jars. –This may sound funny and quirky to you, but trust me, it is amazing what the Beaumonts can do, and what takes Mibs on a life changing adventure on a pink-bible-selling-bus, with the preacher’s children, her brothers, and a timid bus driver.

I literally gobbled up this book in 3 days, because it was so fantasy-filled and it kept making me want to read more. I think that it’s extremely interesting, how the Beaumonts are different, with their individual savvies. If I could have any savvy possible, then I would pick one where I could be able to fly! -I know that this is a common talent to want, but I think it would be an amazing thing to do. I envy the animals that can glide through the air; and look down at the earth below. I think that if I already have a savvy as a regular human being, then that would probably be my ability to tidy things up. I love to clean, and organize, and in the end, the organized shelf, or room, will look brand new! A tidy space leaves me with a happy feeling inside.

Mibs, I grew to love and care for. I felt as if I knew her, and her friends and family, when I finished the book. She’s very daring, but loving, and I felt sympathy for her, towards the end of the book. The whole story line, characters, and details that Ingrid Law expressed are wonderful. I always feel excited whenever I find out about a great book—and Savvy is definitely one of them. I HIGHLY recommend this book to both boys and girls, so, what are you waiting for? With it's dazzling cover (and I have to admit, I did judge the book by it's cover at first!), and zany, fun, story inside, plus a Newbery award to top it off, Savvy is just the book for you.

You can go to for more information. (the author left a comment here, yay!:)

*Savvy happens to be the "featured book of the month" at our favorite bookstore this month, too!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you enjoyed the book--what a nice post. Thanks!

Happy reading!

Ingrid :)