Monday, March 9, 2009

Musical Mondays

Mondays are typcially music lesson days for us. Jennifer Walton comes to teach violin lesssons for Micayla and piano lessons for Allie. Allie just started taking piano this last year and Micayla has been taking violin lessons with Jennifer since she was six. Jennifer has a fun business she just started last year: Instrumental Casting by Jennifer Walton Musicians and Vocalists - She sends musicians on auditions for commericals, movies, etc. Micayla had the opportunity to play her violin in a commercial last summer.
Sonja Fife comes for Carly's piano lesson and Janelle Barrera gives Carly her flute lesson. If you are looking for a terrific music teacher, Jennifer can be reached at Sonja can be reached @ and Janelle can be contacted at And of course, we had to include a picture of Nate, 'cause he's teaching himself how to play the saxaphone!
Lots of music; lots of fun!


heidi said...

Hi Kari,

You probably don't remember me but initially I met your thru CCALB a few years back. Thank you for posting about your flute teacher. I've been looking for lessons for my daughter Hannah. I just sent Janelle an e-mail for more info.

God Bless,

Mt. Moe Academy said...

Hi Heidi,

I remember you :). Glad I could make a connection for you. Janelle is great; Carly has been taking lessons from her for a little over a year now. Hope you can work something out with her!


heidi said...

We're starting in 3 weeks. I'm thinking of a Gemeinhardt 2SP. The choir director suggested Hannah take flute to learn pitch. Couldn't find someone local but thanks to you...we did!!! Otherwise we were off to Manhattan. So thank you!!!!! =o)

Mt. Moe Academy said...

That's great Heidi! Carly has a Gemeinhardt. We started her off with a rental though, just to make sure she was going to stick with it long enough to make the purchase worthwhile!

Carrie Seydel said...

Hi Kari You probably don't remember me; I'm Isaac and Amelia's mom. We were in Sky Mountain together; Isaac is at IVA now. Hope you guys are doing well.

I happened to stumble on this (rather old) post, as we are looking at starting piano lessons again. I see you engage two different teachers for piano, and I was just curious if you could tell me what you like differently about each. My kids used to take lessons from Jennifer Walton, but we have taken a break. I am looking into Sonja Fife, and I'm just wondering if you have any insight to share ... thanks!