Saturday, June 6, 2009

Loving LACMA - Japanese Fun

We are loving LACMA these days.  This week we took a tour of the Japanese Pavilion.  Some highlights were: statues of Buddhist Monks (made out of wood!), a gold stationary box, and the Netsuke Gallery (miniature sculptures used to suspend purses or boxes from the sash of a man's kimono).  After the tour we had a Sumi-e art lesson.  Our instructor was terrific, and it was fun, but much harder to do than it looked!

Later in the week we enjoyed some real Japanese Mochi with good friends at Mochilato in Irvine.  Micayla and Allie loved the mint chip, Carly liked the raspberry cream, and Nate voted for Mango.  Here's Micayla's description, "They were like creamy gelato with sticky rice paste on the outside - yum!"

Another great way to learn more about Japanese art is by going to the Japanese Garden at CSULB. They have an Arts Day on Sunday, June 7th, and an Origami Festival on Sunday, July 12th.   Maybe we will see you there!

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