Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Point Montara

The next leg of our journey took us through Santa Cruz where we thought we'd stay the night, but instead we were inspired to continue traveling north.  We came upon a hostel with a hot tub on the cliff by the ocean.  We thought it would be fun to stay there, but they were not able to accommodate the six of us.  However, the hostel 20 minutes up the road could. This is how we ended up at the Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel.    We had great experience staying here.  It was incredibly "green" and clean, there were people staying there from all around the world, and we had a terrific ocean view from our private room.  The people in the room next to us were from Napa Valley and they said they come to this hostel every couple of months because they can't beat the view for only $65 a night!  
The view out our window.

The trail from the hostel down to the sand.


metasequoia said...

Neat! Did you all fit in the one room?

jamie said...

i can't wait to visit those hostels!!!

Mt. Moe Academy said...

Hi Erin, yes, we did fit into one room - crazy, huh? I wanted to post a picture of the kids waking up on the bunks, but Allie said, "no way" (she had great "bed head" in the photo:). We actually paid for 3 dorm beds that we didn't use. At night we all just snuck into our private room and squeezed onto the bunks (which were quite comfy). Luckily we are little people, so it worked!

Jamie - you will love the CA hostels! The one in Klamith that we almost stayed in (in the redwoods) looks pretty neat too!

Michelle said...

Awesome photo of all of you walking down the trail. Kudos to that photographer!!!