Monday, February 8, 2010

HeARTs of Love

(by Micayla)
We made paper heart quilts with Grandma Nancy (our friend Maggie's grandma) who is an artist! We painted 6 squares of a piece of watercolor paper in the same color -for the background (when you're done put it aside to dry, you will be putting your hearts onto it later).

Then with another piece of watercolor paper (that has 6 squares drawn with pencil) we painted different abstract art in each individual square. Then with a heart stencil we traced 6 hearts over each painted square and cut them out.

When you're done you can rip the edges of the hearts or cut little slices around it to give it a cool look! Then you can take little double sided sticky pop dots and stick them on the back side of the heart; then press onto a square of the watercolor paper (the one that you did not cut the hearts from); this makes for a 3-D effect. If you want to you can do little sewing dashes around them, and then frame it in a mat (ours were white frames you can get at Michaels).

Many thanks to Grandma Nancy for coming to do this art project with us; we had a great time! (You might like to try it too!)

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