Monday, April 19, 2010


We've been dropping in at Earthroots Field School lately. Earthroots has groups of homeschoolers that meet up with naturalists/environmental educators to explore some of the natural wildlife and wilderness parks in South Orange County. Here are just some of the fun things we've done and/or learned about so far:

*saw thousands of tadpoles and baby frogs (froglets)

*watched a filaree spiral

*waded through creeks

*climbed oak trees

*identified wildflowers (these are purple lupines)

*learned about the water cycle

*made chamomille & elderberry flower tea

*saw how to make fire with a bow

*made clay bowls from the clay in a creek bed

*made a dam in a creek

*held a baby chick

*ate minor's lettuce (which only grows for a short time during the Spring).

Homeschoolers can sign up or drop in for weekly adventures. Maybe we will see you there sometime!

Note - Aside from sharing an occasional edible plant (or ant:), Earthroots is extremely careful about making sure that the kids do not harm or remove any of the natural elements in the wilderness parks.

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