Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two Tiny Turtles

Nate now has two tiny friends, Joe and Frankie, his box turtles! They are both uber adorable, and about the size of a silver dollar (or a large brooch)! If you'd like an easy cute pet, our neighbors have 2 left! Grab 'em while ya can! Here is all the info regarding their habitat, and what to feed them etc...

While they are small they live in a container (outside during the day and inside at night because of the nocturnal creatures that might want them for a meal). In Joe and Frankie's container we have soil, moss, a small shallow container for water, a plant, a rock and a hollowed out log. Right now they are a year old; once they get big enough they will be set free to roam in the yard.

Right now they are primarily carnivores. They eat mealworms that we bought at the pet store (we feed them one each daily) and we toss in pill bugs from the yard for them to hunt down in their habitat. As they get older (we are told) they will become more omnivorous, eating fruits and veggies such as bananas, apples, and green leafy things. And when they are eventually released into the yard they will help us keep our gardens free of snails and slugs!

Frankie is the smaller, brighter colored turtle, and Joe is the big one.

Their habitat (can you spy Frankie and Joe?).

~written by Carly

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