Friday, November 4, 2011

Ministry of Dance

My friend Madison and I started a dance group together (inspired from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series) called Ministry of Dance.  We posted our first dance on YouTube today!  It is a dance about Bellatrix and Madison.  Madison was not in the book series but we really wanted to do a dance with a duel between them so  Madison did the choreography and we both danced to it. She is playing an older version of herself and I am playing Bellatrix.  This is a duel because I (Bellatrix) just killed Madison's husband Sirius Black and she is really mad at me so we have this really epic duel!  Here is the link to our Weebly website, there is a link to our YouTube channel on the home page:
Ministry Of Dance
I hope you enjoy it!  To watch more of our dances in the future please subscribe to our channel! We will be doing a dance for every book in the Harry Potter series,  I will post on here when we make another one!  Thanks for watching it!

Posted by Micayla 11/3/11

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