Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mucho Musique!

Post by Carly
Lately we've had some great music opportunities. We saw Colbie Caillat live and went to see a Jason Mraz concert!  The Colbie Caillat concert was at The Grammy Museum in LA.  It's an awesome museum full of information and great photos, videos, exhibits and hands-on activities on music, the Grammys, and famous musicians (right now they have excellent exhibits on George Harrison, Roy Orbison, and James Brown)!  Fun fact: I have the same b-day as George Harrison (February 25th)!

 The concert was in the Clive Davis theatre which is a small (only 200 seats) auditorium.  We barely got in; we waited until the last of the members got their tickets to buy the few leftover tickets.
The performance was soooo great!  Colbie answered questions and then played some songs (did you know her dad was the producer of the Fleetwood Mac albums?).  It was excellent because it was a small show and you could see really well.  She sounds fantastic live, I'm a big fan of her new album "All of You" (although all of the songs are about her boyfriend guhhh).

The Grammy Museum also offers workshops for homeschoolers.  Speakers from the Musician's Institute in LA come and give a lecture and workshop about various things.  I've been to a songwriting workshop, composing music for film, and composing for music videos workshop.  If you are a homeschooler who loves music and lives in the LA area I highly recommend you go to these workshops!  Only $8 for an informational and intriguing workshop about music!

Then, just this week we went to a Jason Mraz concert in San Diego!  He is really my all-time favorite, numero uno musician.  He sounds incredible live (this would be my third-or fourth time seeing him)!  His tour was just him and Toco Rivera (his percussionist) without the band, all acoustic.  Jason sang a ton of new songs, plus the oldies but goodies such as: You & I Both, Mr. Curiosity, The Remedy, Lucky, and I'm Yours (of course:P).  The concert was in downtown San Diego so it was a bit of a drive, but totally worth it.  It took place in the Spreckels theatre which is an old theatre that has tons of amazing sculpture and lighting.  We were in the balcony (meaning tippy-top) so we were pretty close up there to admire the ceiling!

Here are some pics and a video of one of his new songs:

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