Sunday, January 15, 2012

AAA Video Contest!

My friend Philip and I entered the AAA Safe Teen Driving Video Contest (boy that's a mouthful) with our fabulous PSA "detcartsiD".  This is a huge contest.  Tons of high schoolers throughout CA will be entering!  The grand prize for the winning video is $2,500!!  So it's a big contest!  We had so much fun making the video; we hope you enjoy it!  Voting starts February 8th on the AAA website!  Please vote for us!

Also, coincidentally I am in the midst of driver's training!  Actually, I've finished Drivers Ed & Training and now only have my last in-car lesson to do (out of 10!).  Yay!!  I did a great program at AAA called Licensed to Learn.  I had an awesome teacher, Ms. Renee.  I highly recommend this program if you're looking into driver's training for your teen!  Make sure to ask to be placed in Ms. Renee's class too; she made the class fun with games and prizes and she's super hilarious!  :)

Post by Carly


paula said...

Love this video! I have to go and vote now! miss p

Mt. Moe Academy said...

Thank you! I'll let you know when voting starts :)