Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paradis Ice Cream

We recently went on a field trip to Paradis Ice Cream on 2nd street here in LB!  It was so much fun and super yummy!  We got a tour of their ice cream room in the back and even made our own chocolate sorbet!  Delish!  

Paradis is Danish an all-natural ice cream franchise.  They have 35 Paradises in Denmark, and only 3 in the U.S. in LA.  Paradis is known for their fresh and high-quality ice cream and sorbets (their sorbet is water based).  Using fresh fruit, the strawberry ice cream (oh my gosh SO GOOD!) has real strawberries in it, as does the blueberry ice cream along with all the other fruit ice creams and sorbets.  When they make the ice cream they use the smallest amount of cream possible.  Giovanni, the owner of the Long Beach Paradis, makes up to 12 flavors each day and with two people it can take up to 2-3 hours.  On the weekends he whips up 16 flavors and that would take 6 hours for one person!  

All their ingredients are imported from all over the world.  The chocolate sorbet recipe comes from Denmark, the dark organic chocolate comes from Holland and vanilla beans come from Madagascar.  To make the chocolate sorbet, we mixed up a danish mixture of crembrelina with cane sugar, 195 grams of dark chocolate and 1984 grams of water.  We blended it with a huge hand blender that was about the size of Nate!  Then we put it in the big ice cream/sorbet machine and it got it cold and shook it up to make the sorbet (the machine had to first heat up before it could cool down, like how they heat up the milk first for their ice creams to pasteurize it).  The machine also aerates it. The sorbet came out in big globs through a slated window at the bottom.  Their sorbet is water based so there is no cream!  


Check out some pics below...

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