Friday, November 8, 2013

Quoi de Neuf*, Nate?

(*French for "What's up")

What has Nate been up to?  Well, here are some things he's been doing in the last couple of months...

fishing with dad; I caught this one.

surfing trestles

cheffing up something yummy

playing hard at my soccer game.

working as an extra with one of the Wayan brothers

puppy sitting (and holding)

at Amy's Farm

Cooking again at the Ecology Center
Homemade tortillas

Making rootbeer and pretzles at Brewbakers with Carly.

Working on the Woodworking Bus!

Visiting the Paleontology Museum with Allie.

Another STARR Ranch adventure 

Making my Halloween costume!

Coin machine - we collected all the small coins from around the house.
We got to split $63.04!

Farmers' Market - I am holding a "Buddha's hand"
Working with my chemistry teacher - I love chemistry!

More puppies!


1 comment:

Jamie said...

Nate!Great to see what you are up to! Love, Cousin Jett :)