Monday, March 24, 2014

An Adventure to the Past

By Allie

We went to the Heritage Square Museum and it was really cool!  We had a great tour guide named Martin who took us into the different homes and told us all about them.  I learned that a lot of movies have been filmed in the old victorian homes.  In one of the victorian homes someone who lived in the house died in it years ago, so mediums come once a year to talk to the ghosts.  There was a cool drugstore with a really old cash register in it.  I sat on a stool at the bar and held up a newspaper for a picture.  My favorite part of the whole tour was seeing a really detailed, nice big old victorian dollhouse (that I really want).  All of the homes were very fancy and beautiful.  On the outside of the homes they look so big but once you go into the homes they are actually pretty small compared to some houses now days.  If you wanted to buy a nice home way back then it would only cost $500!  The taxes were based on the height of the home.  In France people made the houses look like a 1 story house from the outside but it would be 2 story.  Victorian homes were called "Victorian" because it was during the time of Queen Victoria.  I also learned that in some of the homes the children weren't allowed in the living room or dining room while guests were over.  There were doors on the backs of the houses for the kids to go through and then go upstairs.  When strangers come inside they cannot go into the nice living rooms or the dinning rooms, they went into a front sitting room.  An added bonus was seeing chickens roam around the place outside the houses.
Doorknobs for little people!

Old Fashioned air conditioning!

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