Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Passport Adventure

Today we hopped on the local red bus ("The Passport") with Aunt Jamie, who was visiting from Oregon, and headed down to the Long Beach Museum of Art. Along the way we met Michael who told us his life story in less than 10 minutes (divorced dad of two autistic kids); his sad eyes and the etchings on his limbs told more than his words. Another lady on the bus heard the word "autism" and launched us into a discussion about the possible link to vaccinations. Makes you wonder...

Arriving at the the museum we checked out the exhibit on "California" art. Terrific watercolors - amazing how talented artists can make water look like it is moving! Although the paintings were fantastic, we are pretty sure Allie's favorite part was doing ballet using the handrails in the elevator on our way out.

Then we took the bus back to 2nd Street. First for a pit stop in one of our favorite stores "Sunshine on 2nd" - our friend Jeannie was there who owns the place. It was great to see her as we haven't seen her in years (she says "hi" to you too, Brad). Then to "Open Sesame" for some yummy Mediterranean food.

While waiting for our return bus we had a political science lecture from an Italian dude outside the Washington Mutual Bank who informed us that the "British Empire" is behind everything. He had dvd's, books, and pamphlets to prove it (for a small fee of course). He was actually quite interesting.

We ended up running and flagging down the next bus we took. We were grateful the driver stopped and quickly realized we were in for a wild ride; he was one crazy driver. We happily got off and grabbed some self-serve frozen yogurt. While grooving to the music in Yogurtland we brainstormed ideas with Jamie about the production of our "Funky Sister's Workout dvd", and then headed home. Another passport adventure (this was our third), and another fun day!

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