Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nate the Culinary Wizard

Nate has been spending oodles of time creating in his little kitchen lately. He loves to chop things on his cutting board and add spices and a variety of other ingredients to his "soups" (basically whatever he can get his hands on). His sisters have been writing down his recipes for him. Here are a couple of his concoctions:

"Papika Soup"
-Opeel (oatmeal)
- Paprika
-Garam Marsala
-Some leftover avocado

-cinnamon stick
-hot cocoa mix
-poppy seeds
-green dye

Luckily the "kitchen fairies" come at night to devour his masterpieces and help him tidy-up his lil' kitchen!

The photo above is Nate after sampling some of his "Makie-roni Soup". He may have chosen the green dye because he saw the show "Wicked" recently and loves the character Elphaba!


Mt. Moe Academy said...
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The Zandi Zoo said...

What an adorable chef!