Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Autry National Museum

We went to the Autry National Museum - My favorite part was mining for gold and learning about the California Gold Rush and how people came from all over the world to mine for gold here in Califonia! It was fun and really interesting! There was a place where people could dress up as cowboys and ride on a fake horse. Nate did it and said: Ride um cowboy! But it came out "Rumbo cowsboy"!

After you go see the Autry Museum, then if you want to see a real gold mine and mine for real gold (even though you don't get to keep the gold you find), go to Julian and there is a place that is called Eagle and High Peak Mine You can mine for real gold and go on a tour of the Gold mine! We have gone there before and it is lots of fun! But if you have claustrophobia then please do not step a foot into the Gold mine because my friend went with us and her mom had to go back out after the end of the tunnel disappeared. I recommend staying out if you have claustrophobia because when we did the gold mine tour we were in the mine for about an hour! So we had fun at the Autry National Museum and fun at the gold mines in Julian!

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