Friday, January 16, 2009

Centennial Farm

We were inspired to make an early visit (traditionally we go in Spring) to the Centennial Farm this year: . Some friends of ours were going to see the piglets that had just been born, and since the weather was unseasonably warm it felt like Spring anyway. We had fun checking out the piglets, petting baby chicks, and (our favorite thing -something we had never seen there before), a cotton plant. We pulled the cotton from the boll and compared it to the lamb's wool they also had at the farm. At home Great Grandma told us about her experience (as a child) picking cotton on a farm in Texas and we found this resource on-line:

The Centennial Farm is a great place to go to see farm animals and plants. They have tons of animals ranging from a bunnies to oxen! They also have lots of different herbs, edible plants, and fruit trees. Go in the Spring, when all of the babies are born! You're bound to have a great experience!

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