Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Yesterday we took a trip down to Laguna Beach to get  a tour of The Pacific Marine Mammal Center; a place where they rescue baby seals and sea lions.  We learned about seals and sea lions, and got to see them playing in their pens.  Did you know that sea lions have ear flaps, but seals don't?  And seal lions don't have claws on their flippers, but seals do!  Seals and sea lions are Pinnipeds which are a type of sea mammal believed to be distantly related to bears.   The seal and sea lion pups drink a fish smoothie when they first rescue them, but then they have to learn to eat fresh fish (by the way, be aware the whole place smells like a fish smoothie; Nate was holding his nose while we were in the building).  The sea mammal babies were so cute!  It was a great tour, and whenever you're in Laguna, stop by to see the pups.  Click here to be taken to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center
Post by Carly


The Zandi Zoo said...

That is funny. We just added that to our "to visit soon" list. Another friend went there last week and it sounded like a really nice place to visit. Loved your review too. Your blog reminded me of another place I forgot about too, Centennial Farms. We just arrived home from a nice visit with the farm animals. Thanks! :-)

Sophie K said...

It was so great to see you there! check out my blog i am making snow globes!!