Saturday, April 4, 2009

Trip to Temecula

Written by Carly
We went on a fun adventure up to Temecula, to visit some neat museums. Our first stop was the city museum, where we learned about the history of Temecula. Did you know that the saying "Bite the bullet," comes from when in the olden days, doctors used to give their patient a bullet to bite when they were amputating his or her limb. They didn't have pain reliever medicines back then! We saw a real bullet with a bite in it! Also at the city museum, we tried on some costumes that they had there, we looked like real pioneers! Temecula Museum

Then we grabbed some lunch, and had a nice stroll through old town Temecula: Old Town Temecula, California

The second museum was even cooler than the city museum...a hands on kids museum called The Imagination Station. There were different rooms we could go in, and tunnels leading to the rooms. In each room there were different hands on things you can try, and science concepts to learn about. Below is a picture of Allie using centripetal force to move the chair around! Also there is a picture of us in a hot air balloon in the museum. We also had fun going through a fire place and into a glow-up maze. The whole place was really cool. I'm probably not explaining it very well though, because it's so hard to put into words, so if you go to the Imagination Workshop, Temecula Children's Museum
you can read more about it!

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