Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Art Farm

We have discovered a great new art teacher, right here in LB! Her name is Shannon Buchanan and her studio is called the Art Farm; it's a really neat place.
She has a magic wardrobe where we get to pick what size canvas we want to paint on. Then we sketch what we want to paint (sometimes using an image to help us), and then we start painting!

On our first visit to Shannon's Art Farm, Allie painted a sugar glider,

Micayla a pointe shoe,

and me a kitten.

Nate got to paint too!

We have a lot of freedom in choosing what we want to paint, and which canvas we'd like to work with. As we work Shannon gives us painting tips and suggestions. My next painting will be a 7 layered cake, Micayla a moose, and Allie doesn't know what she'll paint next.
The Art Farm is located in a really cool warehouse where there are paintings everywhere, and 7 easels for students. There are snacks and drinks for anyone who is thirsty or hungry, beautiful music playing in the background, and even a library to look in if we need some inspiration! Also, there is Shannon's adorable cat "Kitten DoodleBean" that you may see hanging around. If you're looking for a great art teacher, check out Shannon Buchanan and the Art Farm!

~Written by Carly

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