Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gettting Ready For Giving

(written by Carly)
Getting ready for Thanksgiving for us, means a day of pie making! This year we cranked up our favorite music on Pandora (your own personal radio station) and set to work.

I made an apple pie (and didn't drop it on the floor, like last year:),

Micayla made a blueberry pie,

Allie made a banana creme pie,

Nate made a pumpkin pie, Mom baked a maple pecan pie, and each of us kids made four little ones to eat ourselves (we used cute little 4 inch pie tins for the mini pies. We found them at: Classic Cake Decorations.)

We also made a couple of unedible treats for our family. Little folded fortunes! You can print the paper cut outs and sayings for free at Kind Over Matter (click on freebies). We are going to set them on each person's plate so they can find it when they go to sit down at their place. We also created a fun Thanksgiving word search! You can customize any type of puzzle at: Puzzle Maker. The word searches are a lot of fun to figure out with family. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Michelle said...

Sweeet! We just caught the APC National Pie Contest Championships today on the Food Network. Might you consider entering for the 2010 event in April?? Looks mighty fun!