Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gaia Girls Giving

by Micayla
Gaia Girls* went to a senior home in Torrance. We delivered vases of flowers and potted plants, we put them by rooms and on the tables in the dining rooms. Nate got lots of hugs (I don't think the seniors see kids very often)! A few of the employes got poinsettias. The seniors were happy to see somebody bringing color to their home. Nate gave out mini poinsettias to seniors who were on their way to their rooms, so they could put it on their night stands. Someone actually asked if they were real!! (From the few I saw in the halls, I guess they don't get many real ones.)
We had lots of fun putting together the bouquets, and adding the colorful stones. The employes were exited too - they where a little baffled when we said we had 3 more trips to take!! When we left it smelled much better (it had a funny sort of yucky food smell before), and it looked very nice! We could not wait until the seniors came out for dinner!!

*Gaia Girls is in an alternative homeschooling scout group. They meet a few times a month to explore nature, create something, and/or give to the community. This week they made the flower arrangements with flowers donated by Trader Joe's and vases collected by the kids. The joy on the faces of the seniors was priceless. Nate (who calls himself a "Gaia Guy") definitely got his fair share of hugs and kisses (some of them quite wet ones, he informed us:). It was such a worthwhile project and one the kids will surely have engraved in their memory banks.


Lee Welles said...

Gaia Girls?! How cool! I write a book series called Gaia Girls
Moreover, I used to live in Redondo Beach!
Glad to see you thinking about the planet and thinking about your fellow humans as well.
Happy Holidays!

Mt. Moe Academy said...

Wow! Thanks for your comment! We have read your first book Gaia Girls Enter the Earth and the 2nd one is on our "to read" list. Some of our friends have already read more in your series. Thanks for writing these terrific books! Would you consider meeting with our group sometime if you are ever in the area? It would be fun for the girls to meet you!

Lee Welles said...

Next time I'm on the West Coast, I'll be sure to look you up!