Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rainy Day Creations

We made these mandalas with beans, corn, lentils, seeds and lots of glue! They can be hung in a room or made as into neckless. I put mine on my dresser. You can also think of them as an amulet - made to ward off evil sprits, and any bad dreams - almost like a dream catcher. They are easy and fun to make!!
Just get glue, colorful beans, lentils, and any seeds (like sunflower seeds).

You can even write quotes under the beans before you put them on (I wrote "Life is full of miracles that happen, life is full of happiness, life, love and peace").

Here are the steps in making a bean mandala:
1#. Get your supplies - glue, beans, and or seeds.
2#. Cut a circle about the size of a CD (it is best to use tag board or card stock), and make a hole punch at the top (if you want to hang it or make a necklace).
3#. Put the beans/seeds on the paper - do not cover the hole, and make sure that, that is how you want your mandala (the traditional way is to put patterns in circles coming outward, with one favorite bean or seed in the center) - do not glue yet. (Or you can just glue one at a time as you create your pattern).
4#. Now start from the center going outward and take the first bean/seed and glue then place, all the way to the outside circle. Do not cover the hole.
5#. Put a string through the hole and tie it. Then you're done!!

We also like coloring mandalas. Here are some of our favorite books you can buy.
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