Friday, January 15, 2010

Vision Boards

By Micayla
We made Vision Boards! We cut out pictures and words from magazines and printed pictures from the internet of what our goals and dreams are for this year - 2010, and put it on foam board. It is said that you will attract whatever you put on your Vision Board - like rare pencil toppers!! Some other things that I have on my Vision Board - dance pictures, A quote (Do what you love), some bells I put on the top of it, and a picture of ravioli - I plan to eat a lot of it!! My sister Allie put pictures of gymnasts, Carly put a kitten on hers, and Nate put a guy skateboarding. Our friends put a symbol of world peace and a picture of water! We enjoyed making the Vision Boards and plan on doing it every year! You might want to make one too.

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