Friday, April 1, 2011

Robotics Convention

Last Friday we went on a field trip to a Robotics Convention that took place at the Long Beach Arena. We met our friends there, who competed recently in San Diego - here is the link to their website if you'd like to check out their team.

The field of robotics is really a whole other world. We walked into the arena and got to go into the pit where the teams vamped up their robots for the competitions, made adjustments, and handed out awesome goodies. They were dressed in their team colors, and they had mascots and everything!

Much goes into the robotics competitions. Teams have to be resourceful and apply for grants and/or find sponsors; the kit to make the robot alone is 6,000 dollars! But competitors will tell you that it's worth putting your time into. Through the designing and engineering of the robots, team members learn mathematics, science, electronics, and teamwork among other things. Then once you compete, you can go far! A la High School Musical "We're All In This Together"! Right?!

Here are some photos from the experience!

A homeschool team with their robot.

Nate checking out this team's mini-bot.

The arena!

-Written by Carly

*Note - Our friends are thinking about building another robot sometime later this year. Let us know if you know of any homeschooled teens who would be interested.

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