Monday, May 9, 2011

Lavender Farm

We went to the Keys Creek Lavender Farm! Here are some great things that we learned there:

In this picture you see a yellow lavender plant. They actually did not plant that yellow lavender plant, it happened on accident, by not going through the full planting process of the lavender plant. It occurs when there is cross-pollination.

They have to go through a long planting process, before they even put the plant into the ground. First, they have to cut a full stem/flower from a lavender bush, then put it into a water solution. Next, when it grows a bit in that water solution they put it into another one, but bigger. Then they do it again, and this time it grows roots and then they put it into the ground.

Here is are some baby lavender plants that they sell there.

Here is our tour guide showing us how they make lavender oil.

Here is a sign that shows the process of making essential oils. First you take the whole lavender stalk and pack it tightly into the big tub-like thing (the yellow part). They have to use lots of lavender stalks to make a small amount of essential oils. It takes 350 pounds of lavender to make about 32 ounces of oil!
As you can see in this photo, our tour guide was showing us the fields of lavender and explaining different kinds of lavender plants.

They have 2 dozen types of lavender at their farm. Here are a few of the types that they have: English Lavender, French Lavender, Angustifolia Lavender, and many more!

They have a lavender labyrinth that we walked through! It was really cool!

Here is a fun fact about lavender:
Did you know that lavender plants only need about 4 gallons of water per week?

We had a great time at the Keys Creek Lavender Farm!

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