Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nate the Scientist

Nate has been wanting to do science experiments a lot lately so we dusted off some of our favorite books and science kits. Here are a couple of simple ones you can do at home too:

Defying gravity...
For this experiment you need:
A drinking glass, a magnet, a bit of strong tape, and about a foot of thread.
Set the magnet on the glass. Tie the thread to the clip and stick it to the magnet. Tape the thread to the table and begin pulling the thread gradually through the tape until you've pulled the clip off the magnet.

Oxygen, air pressure, and gravity...
Materials you need:
Glass bowl or plastic shoebox, goggles, wide mouth clear glass, water, and a candle
Fill your container with about 2cm of water and put a candle in the center. Light the candle and take your clear glass and lower it until it touches the water. Observe what happens to the flame and the water.

A few other favorite resources:
these books:
Original Backyard Scientist: Experiments That Kids Can Perform Using Things Around the House Ages 4-12Janice VanCleave's Scientists Through the Ages

Exploratopia: More than 400 kid-friendly experiments and explorations for curious minds


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