Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CSULB Marine Lab & Science Center

by Nate and Allie
We went to the Marine Lab and Science Center at CSULB. At the Marine Lab we learned about fish with eyes that bug out when they get caught and pulled out of the water. There was a researcher who found out that they can still see just fine when they get put back into the ocean. We saw an eel and learned that they can bite your fingers off. When they are babies they can bite off one finger, when they are a kid they can bite off two, when they are adults they can bite off your whole hand (according to Nate)! We saw sea stars and learned that they push out their stomachs to grab and eat their prey. We got to see sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and other creatures. Nate also got to help some of the researchers who were studying mussels. They added some water to their containers and fed them some micro algae that smelled really bad.

At the Science Center there were hands-on exhibits on things such as: optical illusions, bubbles, rocks and minerals, gravity, tornados, color, mirror images, scat, birds, eggs, and a plasma disk. Nate wants to go back and spend more time here.

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