Monday, September 5, 2011


By Micayla
We made our annual trip down to 2nd street to paint tiles! We use them at home to put our water glasses on so we are not going through them rapidly every day (we used to get our glasses mixed up and sometimes my mom would put them in the dishwasher when we were still using them).

This year I painted a picture of a boy with a red balloon running.  Allie did a rainbow with clouds that stuck out from the tile. Carly did an underwater tile with fish and bubbles, and Nate did a sailboat. My mom painted her name on her tile with vines and leaves, it is so pretty! We are very excited to get them after they are glazed, in about a week!

Here are our glazed tiles from the last three years. Normally we only have two of our tiles (per kid) on the counter.  Each year we use our new tile (for ourselves) and our tile from the year before (for our friends).  We plan on decorating the side of our kitchen counter with the ones from previous years that we are no longer using.

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Erin said...

Why is it that the boys always get the longest lashes??