Friday, September 30, 2011

Taylor Guitar Tour

Nate getting an impromptu guitar lesson.
What the employees do on break.
New friends watching the buffer robot.
Taylor Guitars give free tours daily (M-F) and we recently went on one.  The tour lasted almost two hours, we had an awesome tour guide, and we learned a ton about how they build guitars.  Here are some of those things:
*The wood they use for the guitars comes from sustainable forests.  Sapele is one of the main types of wood they are now using.
*They make approximately 500 guitars per day.
*They make left and right handed guitars
*The work hard to match up the wood perfectly and symmetry plays a big part in how they piece the pieces of wood together.
*The fretboards are made of ebony because this material absorbs the oil from your hands.
*They use a glue that glows under a black light for checking their work.
*They use robots for some things and humans for other things and sometimes both (for example buffing is done by robots and humans).
*The scraps of wood get ground up and turned into hamster bedding.
 *Some 'b' words we learned - buffing, bracing and binding!

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