Friday, April 5, 2013


As many of you lovely followers might remember, I have a spurring love of photography!
Here are some of my recent photos: (a few of them were actually taken by Carly and Charli so I could model;)
Please check out my Instagram - @mugzoodle - for more of my photos and edits!

Carly took this one of me:)

here is an edit that I did -

Carly's photo, me modeling, my edit!

another edit-

My friend Charli (@hi_im_charli) took this photo!

hi_im_charli also took this one -

and this one...

Hope you enjoyed these!!! If you have any comments or suggestions of what I should take pictures of/post next, let me know in the comments box! 

~by Micayla~
April - 2013

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Jamie said...

Great photography, everyone! I heart photography. There are some really great shots here :)