Friday, September 18, 2009

The Great Balloon Ride

(by Carly)
Yesterday we rode The Great Park Balloon in Irvine. At first it was kind of scary, but once we got up there, it was fine! The balloon goes up 400 feet, and holds 25 people at the most. The balloon is equivalent to 250,000 birthday balloons! That's right, The Great Balloon isn't a hot air balloon, it's a helium balloon. It is tethered to the ground and a pilot goes up with us; he releases the cable that lifts us. Another cool attribute to the balloon is that it's FREE! You can also go for a night ride which we are hoping to do in the future. As for the great park, it holds lots of great events such as: Flights & Sounds of Summer - a concert in the park, and you can picnic or ride the balloon while the music is playing. I'm sure that there will be lots of other events too (Flights & Sounds lasts till the end of September). We had a great time on the balloon, and we bet you will too! Check out The Great Park Balloon's website!

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