Saturday, September 26, 2009

Presidents From the Past

This week we had the pleasure of meeting a few US presidents from the past: Theodore Roosevelt, James Garfield, and Abraham Lincoln. They shared stories from their lives and their experiences while they were in office.

One favorite story was about the "Teddy Bear". Theodore Roosevelt was on a bear hunt and the only bear he could find was a cub. He refused to shoot it. A newspaper ran a cartoon about this and then a toy maker in Brooklyn put the cartoon next to a stuffed bear and called it "Teddy's Bear". The Teddy Bear was born!

Lincoln was particularly interesting too and it was fun for Carly to hear him speak after her recent reading of Two Girls of Gettysburg by Lisa Klein; a historical fiction novel which takes place during the Civil War. Another good read for history is Women's Letters - America from the Revolutionary War to the Present (a portrait of history through a collection of 400 letters written by women).
If you'd like to meet a historical person from the past check out Forest Lawn's Educational Series "History Comes Alive".

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