Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ingrid Michaelson

(by Carly)
So Sunday October 4th was Ingrid Michaelson (a young new pop/folk singer that sings and plays ukulele and piano -don't feel bad if you haven't heard of her yet, she's just now becoming well known on the West Coast) day for the Stone family. We bought tickets for her concert at the Coach House in September, for the 4th, but then on Friday, I got an email from her fan list saying
that she'd be playing a private free concert at Fingerprints in Long Beach! Of course I had to go, since she was here in LB! We called to put our name on the guest list, but they were already booked. The guy on the phone said that we could just show up and we could probably get in (or get in for the meet & greet at least). My Mom said that I could take a friend and she'd drop us off. So there we are, standing in a line by Fingerprints waiting to get in...everybody is let in except for 12 people (including us) whose faces peered in through the windows, and squished ears pressed up against the glass -straining to hear the faintest strum of a ukulele. My friend was beginning to lose hope "Let's just go around shopping," she said. But I had not completely lost faith. Only minutes later a man came up to us and said "Go to the front door and say that Frank says you can come in!" Voila! The 12 of us strutted in, amidst the cheering crowd and great music that Ingrid and her band were playing. I took tons of pictures, though they didn't come out very good because I either got a boodle of bobbing heads, the ceiling or a blurry Ingrid in the background. The music was great! She played a lot of her new songs from her latest album "Everybody". My Mom got to come in and listen to the end of the concert too! Then after they played, she signed autographs (Ingrid Michaelson -not my Mom). I got her CD Everybody and a free poster that she signed! Pictures were snapped galore.

Then in the evening we headed down to the Coach house in San Juan Capistrano. Some of our good friends from Carlsbad met us there, and even our neighbors who are big fans, came too. Ingrid and her band were terrific. Ingrid was very humorous and the whole band had a great vibe. The guy that opened for Ingrid M. was pretty fab too; a British boy that played acoustic guitar (Greg Holden). We even bought two of his CDs. After the show we waited by the tour bus with some other groupies to see if Ingrid would come out. Turns out, she was still in the Coach House and doing the meet & greet! So we went back and got to meet her, she signed another CD that we bought (I also got her T-shirt!) and took a picture with us. We met her and she was really nice and friendly. By then it was 10:50 at night though, so we said goodbye and hopped in the car to drive home! It was a fun Ingrid Michaelson day. :) Our favorite songs by Ingrid are: Everybody, Maybe, You and I, The Way I Am, The Chain, Soldier, Be Ok, The Hat, Mountain & Sea, Once Was Love. Be sure to click on "Ingrid Michaelson" above to check out her website and listen to some of her tunes. We think you'll love her too!

Waiting by the tour bus


The Zandi Zoo said...

How Cool! You guys have now introduced us to some good music. After you called on Sunday, we looked up her website and we have been listening to the tunes since. "Everybody" is a hit around here especially when Levi goes down for his nap. Thanks Stone Family!!!

jamie said...

nice, carly! sounds like you have discovered a wonderful artist, and had a great time! thanks for sharing :)