Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Foot Baths

Friday nights are for relaxing - movies, dessert, and more recently foot baths! We got the idea from a summer issue of Mothering Magazine. We fill tubs up with steaming hot water and we've experimented with adding a combination of Dr. Brommer's Magic Soaps (peppermint or lavender) and/or essential oils and/or epson salts. The baths feel good and smell good too!

Carly says, "Very relaxing and good for healing blisters (from ballet)."
Micayla says, "Your feet feel all fresh afterwards."
Allie says, "Footbaths are really nice and pepperminty."
Nate says, "Can I have a foot bath too?"

If you are looking for some good essential oils, Aunt Jamie happens to sell them! Check out her website at Soma Arts Lounge.


The Zandi Zoo said...

We do this too and got the idea from the same place. What a great magazine, huh???

Mt. Moe Academy said...

We used to subscribe; now I just pick it up every now and then. I do love it though!
How fun that you all are enjoying foot baths too!