Monday, August 3, 2009

Mill Creek Campground

We packed up the Eurovan once again and traveled back to the coast. We drove through Mendocino and up as far as the National Redwood Forest. We were hoping to camp in the forest but the campgrounds were full. We headed toward Klamath where there was another hostel we thought we might stay in; when we stopped by "the lights we on, but nobody was home". So, we kept driving until we stumbled upon the Mill Creek Campground. We drove the two miles of winding road to the creek below and found numerous sites available. We picked a site and set up camp - by this time it was almost midnight. The next morning we woke up to luscious green ferns at our feet and beautiful redwood trees towering above us.

We saw elk (at night), banana slugs, waterbugs, chipmunks, and inchworms on this part of our journey.

Allie counted the rings of this tree. She found out that the tree was one year older than she is.

Riding the Flume by Patricia Curtis Pfitsch is a good historical fiction book we read on our trip. If you are interested in reading about logging in Northern California and one girl's mission to save an ancient Sequoia, you might want to check it out!

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