Friday, August 28, 2009

Whitefish, Montana

One of our last stops was to visit our friend (and midwife:) Alice in Whitefish, Montana. The drive from Idaho to Montana was beautiful and somewhat dangerous as we had a couple of deer try to cross the road in front of us! Once we got there we enjoyed hangin' out with our friends and their pups, and visiting the gorgeous mountains and glacier lakes nearby.

We took the gondola up Whitefish Mountain while dad was biking down. We were surprised to find snow at the top (in June)!
Our friends took us down a dirt road to this Mercantile (seemingly in the middle of nowhere) that had incredible pastries and a singing and piano playing dog - quite a sight!

We continued down the dirt road until we arrived at this glacier lake. We felt like we were in a postcard! And if you've never experienced Montana (a.k.a. "Big Sky Montana") for some strange reason the sky does seem really "BIG"!

(Thanks for having us Alice and Dan! We really enjoyed visiting with you and seeing Montana!)

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