Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nate Meets Chef Julian

While in Portland we had the grand opportunity of meeting Chef Julian* and his mom and little sister at Peninsula Park (where there is a gorgeous rose garden). Nate was a bit "star struck" at first. Here is what Nate had to say about it...
"I got to meet Julian at this beautiful park. He gave us chocolate cookies that he made his own self. At first I was a little shy and then I talked to him. I gave him a telescope and we went on the swings. It was fun meeting Julian and I want to meet him again!"

Later in the trip when Nate saw his Great Grandma in Nevada he asked her if he could give Julian one of the crocheted pot-holders she had made. She gave him one to send to Julian. Recently Nate was excited to see him using it on one of his latest cooking shows. "It was so cool because Julian was using Grandma's pot-holder his kitchen. I saw him using it when he was making ice cream!"

*Julian is a five year old chef from Portland, Oregon. His show Big Kitchen with Food airs on Portland Community TV.

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