Thursday, August 6, 2009

Portland, Oregon

After our camping experience and the realization that we were oh so close to the California/Oregon border we decided to drive straight to Portland. We were ready to impose on our family! We arrived at Aunt Jamie & Jonny's house (a.k.a. the MADison Motel) and had the luxury of staying with them for a few nights. Portland seemed so eclectic to us - seemingly anything goes here. Some of our favorite things we did: we walked and shopped along Hawthorne Boulevard, we went berry picking on Sauvie Island (more on this later),

Carly took a ballet class at the Oregon Ballet Theater, Nate got to meet and hang out with his favorite chef, Julian Kruesser (more on this later),

we visited the Odditorium where Jonny works (here we are rockin' out with Jamie & Jonny),

we watched old movies (our favorite - the 1975 version of Escape to Witch Mountain) on J & J's big homemade movie screen in their basement,
we got couple of a terrific massages, visited with old friends & neighbors, and had a backyard BBQ. We had a great time, so watch out Jamie and Jonny, we may be back before you know it!

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