Friday, June 4, 2010

Clay Creations!

We've been having fun making clay creations at Clay on First! We participated in some homeschool classes with our friends were we did handbuilding and made things on the potter's wheel. We made bowls, vases, candle holders, cups, and more. Clay (who owns the place - and yes, that is his real name!) is great and taught us pottery making techniques that we used to make our pieces better. We also met an artist named Tess and saw her working on an incredible sculpture. Clay and Tess both teach the art of working with clay. If you are inspired to get creative with clay you might want to give them a call or go and visit Clay on First!

Jessica (Clay's sister) helping Nate out with the wheel.

Nate glazing his piece.
Carly and Megan with pieces they made on the wheel.

Clay firing up the kiln!

Tess working on a sculpture!

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