Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Last month we bought milkweed plants (here) so we could witness the miracle of metamorphosis - from egg to butterfly. In the past we have ordered larva from Insect Lore which has been fun, but this has been even better. With our milkweed plants we've been able to see: Monarch Butterflies laying their eggs (they are incredibly small, white and sticky - often found on the undersides of the leaves),

the larva hatching from their eggs (they are so small they are almost microscopic),

the caterpillars shedding their skin, growing and eating,

(this one is hanging upside down - between the two pots of milkweed plants - getting ready to make its transformation)

the caterpillars forming a chrysalis (amazing green jewels ringed with gold)

and then finally, after weeks of waiting and watching, emerging from their pupa and preparing to take flight. Science in our own backyard - kinda cool!

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