Friday, June 18, 2010

Fascinating Frogs!

Recently we went to Muzeo to see their "Frogs" exhibit. It was pretty fantastic. There were frogs from all over the world on display including Waxy Monkey Frogs and Amazon Milk Frogs from South America, and Chinese Gliding Frogs from Asia. Our favorite frogs though were the Dart Poison Frogs which are incredibly colorful and incredibly poisonous (one frog contains enough poison to kill up to 10 people)! The exhibit also shows a movie on amphibians around the world and has interactive displays including one of different frog sounds, and one where you can do a virtual dissection (although this one was not a favorite with our clan).

It was fun and interesting to learn about the frogs and how important they are to the ecosystems of the world.
What do you know about frogs?
1. Could a dinosaur have tripped over a frog?
2. What is the world's largest frog?
3. Frogs eat their own skin (T or F)?
4. Some frogs live underground (T or F)?
5. How many eggs can a frog lay?
6. Can you get warts by touching a toad?
7. What is the smallest frog?
8. Frogs drink water (T or F)?

1. Yes
2. The Goliath Frog (weighing about 7 lbs.)
3. True - they shed and often eat their own skin!
4. True
5. Up to 35,000!
6. No
7. Either the Cuban tree frog, the Little Grass Frog (in North America) or the Brazilian Gold Frog (these frogs are all smaller than a dime!)
8. False - frogs absorb water through their skin

Allie & Nate were inspired to read more about Frogs after having gone to Muzeo.

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